2010 Lexus RX Dash Kits

2010 Lexus RX
Piping hot! We already have it – B&I 2010 Lexus RX dash kits to make your fresh ride the freshest. B&I offers you the automotive innovations for the customization of 2010 vehicles.

2009 Toyota Venza Dash Kits

2009 Toyota Venza
Choose from the wide range of premium surfacing materials to pick the perfect match for your 2009 Toyota Venza.

2010 Mazda 3 Dash Kits

2010 Mazda 3
Shop for 2010 Mazda 3 dash kits here at WoodView. We will help you personalize your new Mazda to bring even more comfort and luxury to it's interior that will never wear off.

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SpoilersWoodView brings you the best in all custom spoilers. Intensive, aerodynamic style is what makes upgrading with the right spoiler an absolute must. Ferocious and dominant, spoilers inflict a special edge that other aftermarket additions just don't have. Whether you're trying to find factory spoilers, rear spoilers, lip spoilers, or roof wings, we'll have it for you, painted and ready for action. There is no need to just find what "works" and settle for less. Trust your instincts – trust our quality. For any questions, please contact a member of our experienced spoiler staff TOLL FREE at 1-800-505-3274.


Spoilers Rear Spoilers Custom Spoilers Rear Wings

FACTORY & CUSTOM SPOILERS. Defiant yet tasteful, the right spoiler on the right model delivers. Factory spoilers allow that defined "right off the line" OEM look that fits in proportion with your ride's specifications. Custom spoilers are more dynamic and creative. Custom spoilers are a very popular option for those who want a more unique presence. The different sizing and styles let the rest see that you know how to set your vehicle apart. You have to go with what makes sense. But you have to go hard. Woodview has the answer.

Rear Spoilers

Whether you've been itching to pile on some protection or instead unlock your vehicle's stylish potential, WoodView is here with a terrific assortment of top-quality car and truck accessories that do the job right. Wood Dash Kits are always a winner in the cockpit of your ride while our stunning selection of Billet Grills offers a classier look up-front for everyone to see. Chrome Trim, Wheels, Tail Lights…everything you could ask for and all manufactured with the highest standards around. Consider us your car's very own shopping mall!

Rear Wings

REAR ROOF WINGS & LIP SPOILERS. You can go conventional or you can stand out a little bit. Lip spoilers add a tasteful accent to the top of your trunk that gives your car, truck, or SUV a personal edge. You never have to be satisfied with an empty space. Fill it with fashion. Fill it with suggestion. Easily installed, there is really no reason why you shouldn't choose a lip spoiler that's right for your ride. Rear roof wings engage a unique, futuristic approach to the top that is so often ignored. You do not have to be an insider to get involved – most models benefit from the signature look that rear roof wings provide. All of our spoilers and roof wings are crafted from top-flight fiberglass or ABS plastic for ultimate durability.


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There are many ways to customize your automobile. Headlights, chrome, and re-painting it are certainly other ways you can go. But upgrading with an aftermarket spoiler sends a different message. It is one of personality, refinement, and style. Just about any vehicle takes on a more custom, aggressive image when fitted with the right spoiler. It all comes down to deciding which look is right for your vehicle. Choosing the type of spoiler you need is the first part of the process. Let Woodview Automotive walk you through the rest. We'll help you pick out the spoiler that incites a whole new level of confidence with the results to back it up.